On this page you will find our prices as well as our very unique Dutch auction on conferences, meetings and courses

What is Dutch auction?

The principle is like in Holland and their flowers, the later the day it will be, the cheaper the flowers will be. With our principle, however, goods are neither deteriorated nor different, but always maintain the same good quality no matter what. Do you have a meeting or conference next week, save up to 50%, assuming we have some available rooms. Read more about our Dutch auction further down the page


  • 1 day meeting Kr. 495,-

  • Over night meeting single room Kr. 1.395,-

  • Over night meeting double room Kr. 1.295,-

Always included


• Morning bread • Coffee ad libitum • Ice water in the room • Fresh fruit • Large lunch buffet • Delicious cake buffet

Always included

Meeting rooms


10 Meeting rooms • 200 pers. room • Room up to 600 toral • 300 Mbit/s WIFI • PC, projektor, smartpen, • microphone, flipover etc.

Meeting rooms

Dutch auction

The principle

As with flowers, the older they are the cheaper they become. Here is expiration date, just the desire to fill the last premises. Therefore, we have introduced the Dutch auction principle and transferred it to conference.
Should you therefore want a meeting or conference within a short period of time, we offer a sharp price.


Even though you can achieve good prices, it does not mean that we compromise on quality, you will still get good service and same high quality product as always.

Day meeting save up to 25%

Price list day meeting Kr. 495,-

1 week before save 25% Kr. 317,-

2 weeks before save 20% Kr. 396,-

3 weeks before save 15% Kr. 420,-

4 weeks before save 10% Kr. 445,-

5 weeks before save 5% Kr. 470,-


Over night meeting save up to 50%

Price list over night meeting Kr. 1.395,-

1 week before save 50% Kr. 697,-

2 weeks before save 40% Kr. 837,-

3 weeks before save 30% Kr. 976,-

4 weeks before save 20% Kr. 1116,-

5 weeks before save 10% Kr. 1255,-

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