Do you need a hotel room in the middle of Denmark? Should you spend an overnight stay or a hotel stay in Middelfart, near Fredericia, Vejle, Kolding and Odense? Are you looking for a cheap hotel or cheap accommodation in Fyn? And, in addition, appreciate that the hotel is in beautiful surroundings, then the FænøSund Hotel is what you need.

At our hotel there are plenty of rooms, we are centrally located in the middle of the country, well placed if you need a cheap hotel on the go, our surroundings are perfect for relaxing and thinking, and then our facilities meet all that, You or you need in a hotel. At FænøSund Hotel you can decide if the accommodation is to take place in one of our lovely houses or in a one-bedroom.

Hotel – Accommodation from only kr. 695, – for 2 persons

In the middle of Denmark

There are many arguments

For a hotel stay at FænøSund Hotel, but our location in the middle of Denmark is definitely one of the best. No matter whether you’re on the way from A to B and just need a quick overnight stay for a cheap money, whether you need a centrally located hotel for family vacation, whether your business needs to meet a central place or if you need to One night between Odense, Aarhus and Esbjerg. Our hotel is ideal.

FænøSund Hotel is located in Middelfart on Funen

It will not be much more in the middle of Denmark. We are located close to both the new and the old Lillebæltsbro, and you can go by car, just an hour’s drive to Aarhus, Odense and Esbjerg, and two to Copenhagen and Aalborg. This means that you with an overnight stay at FænøSund Hotel are close to Denmark’s five largest cities. It also means that you and your family are close to many of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions.


At the same time, the FænøSund Hotel is close to the highway, and arrives you or your family by train, there are only three kilometers from Middelfart Station.


Our hotel works

herefore, also perfect if you are a company with addresses in different places in Denmark, who need a meeting centrally. Whether it is just for overnight stay, whether you need a meeting or you need a place where you can combine a meeting with some relaxation, then FænøSund Hotel is an obvious choice. We can meet all your needs.

Lots of activities

If you are a family staying at FænøSund Hotel, we offer many more activities than those that nature invites.


Is the weather for indoor activity

Can you entertain yourself with billiards, table tennis, table football, children can enjoy themselves in our playground, or you can use our indoor swimming pool, which also offers sauna and solarium.


Offers the holiday country

In the sun and blue sky, our outdoor swimming pool is very attractive. At the same time you can enjoy yourself in our large playground, on the jump pad or on the football pitch, which is also ideal for roundabout or king games. You can also take a family run on our mini golf course.


And all activities are of course free to you when you stay at the FænøSund Hotel.


Are you up for even more activities

In connection with your stay, we can offer many more experiences together with our partners. You can include:


  • Get on Bridgewalking and enjoy the spectacular and unbeatable view from the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge
  • Take out and dive and experience the Little Belt below the surface
  • Drive mountain bike, which is a perfect physical touch for all ages
  • Get a boat trip on Lillebælt with departure from FænøSund Hotel
  • Take a trip in sea kayaking, where you both become one with nature and experience peace and presence
  • Come on a wildlife safari in Hindsgavl Dyrehave, which offers a wide range of wildlife and open bush forests to wet meadows and steep slopes


And there are only some

Of the extraordinary experiences that we can offer. If you have any other wishes, please inquire when booking your accommodation at our hotel. Then we do everything to fulfill your dreams.



Close to attractions

Our location

Middelfart also means that we are within easy driving distance to many interesting places in Denmark. This makes our hotel attractive for families with children.

Denmark’s third largest city

Odense is less than an hour’s drive away. Here you can take care of all that a big city offers, as well as visit some of the many attractions; H. C. Andersen’s House, Odense Zoo, the Funen Village and the Danish Railway Museum. At the same time as you can come to Odense, you can also come to Aarhus, which includes the ARoS, the Old Town, Tivoli Friheden and the Moesgaard Museum.

From the location

In the middle of Denmark there are many other cities and attractions that are within easy driving distance. This includes Kolding, Esbjerg, Ribe, Svendborg and amazing attractions such as LEGOLAND, Lalandia, Egeskov Castle, Valdemars Castle, Fjord & Belt, Naturama, Koldinghus, Trapholt, Madsby Park, Fredericia Violence and the Jelling of the Kings with the Jelling stones and the two giant highways.

In other words, you are close to many of the country’s attractions if you are staying at the FænøSund Hotel.

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