A stay at Fænøsund can be what you want it to be. You can fill it from end to end with exhausting action and exciting adventure. You can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special events with family and friends. Or you can find the time and space to reflect in quiet surroundings. Your room will be ready for you on Friday afternoon, so you can stay with us until Sunday morning. The perfect weekend where you can escape from reality and relax. When you are staying with us you can take advantage of our fantastic location and unique setting filled with activities.

Most of our exciting and diverse activities are free for our guests, however, that for some activities down a deposit for equipment rental.

From all of our rooms have direct access to both terraces and the large green area that surrounds the main building.

Indoor facilities

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Billiard and pool
  • ping-pong
  • Foosball
  • Solarium
  • Sauna
  • Board Games

Outdoor facilities

  • Minigolf
  • Outdoor Swimming pool
  • Playground
  • Trampoline
  • Hindsgavl Dyrehave
  • Disc golf
  • Boat trip in Fænø sund
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Kong games
  • Round ball
  • Long ball


Heated pool

POn Fænøsund we have an indoor heated pool, for all our guests is of course free. The pool is divided into two one of which is for children.

The large pool

12 x 6 meters which it goes from 1.8 in the deep end and is then gradually reduced down to 1.6m. Furthermore, we always to pool minimum is 27 degrees.


Kids pool

Is a little warmer than the large, namely 29 degrees. In addition, the water is 30 cm deep and the kids pool is about 1.5 x 2 meters, so there is room for the little ones to splash around in the lovely warm water.



After a few quick laps in the pool or a nice relaxing cozy diving tour, can also just start the sauna, so there really can get some relaxation through the muscles.



In collaboration with Diving2000 not possible according to agreement with them, venture out and dive into our either indoor or outdoor pool, it is a good way to get challenged themselves and challenge any effort on the part harder than you just think


Mini golf

As part of your stay

Can you take a ride on our miniature golf course. This is of course free of charge in connection with your stay – clubs and golf balls to be borrowed from the reception, but has brought its own, is free to also use this.


Our miniature golf course

Have a total of 12 holes, just like a normal miniature golf course has different ranges of severity. When we say that we want to be kind to our environment, we mean it! Therefore, all our minigolf courses made of 100% natural materials ranging from wood and carved stone, so it’s not just a course to play on, but also a miniature golf course you can enjoy looking at.




Right down to Fænøsund conference we Fænøsund and little belt, while we have our own jetty where we have set tables / benches set. When it gets deep quite quickly and we have a good spreading through the water, there are plenty of fish in the water than when just 50 meters from where you are. Should the want, it is possible to take a small fishing trip out on our jetty or just beachfront so you / i can get a quiet and pleasant moment.

To name a few fish, it is possible both to catch flounder, plaice and cod and go a bit to the right, there are also plenty of eels.

fishing Holidays

On Fænøsund we have many different partners, it is therefore possible for us to offer a fishing holiday where you / i will come out on a larger fishing boat and sail around the Little Belt, where there is possible to capture up to 10 kg cod. Ask at reception for more information

Fiskeri ferie paa faenoesund konferenec

Outdoor pool

For the hot summer months

Do we have an even larger outdoor swimming pool. This is only heated via solar cells and Mother Nature, so therefore the most used in the summer months, unless you are a Viking or a winter swimmer.

the pool itself

20 x 9 meters and has the bottom decorated swim lanes. The pool itself is in the deep end 1.8 meters after which it quiet and calm getting lower and lower, until at the other end hits 0.9 meters.

Around the pool.

We have on one side of the pool installed a small slide, and along the pool all around says sunbeds so it is possible to lie and catch the sun’s warm rays.

children’s pool

As in our indoor pool, we also have a small outdoor pool for children. This is typically slightly warmer than the large pool. which means that small is not going to freeze if otherwise the weather is with us. The small children’s pool measuring 2 x 2 meters and 30 cm deep, so the little ones can lie and splash around.


Disc golf

As one of the only

In many kilometers, we are proud to present our Disc golf / Frisbee golf course.

Disc golf is similar to regular golf

But instead of using golf clubs and balls to aim for a hole using Disc Golf players golf discs to aim for a disc golf hole, a pole that extends up from the ground with chains and a basket where the disc lands. The object of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws, starting from a tee area. In general, a trip of 9 or 18 long.

Players start in

Hole 1 and plays through to the last hole. The player with the lowest total score wins.

DiscGolf is different

From Golf in many ways. Disc golf courses can use a variety of terrain and Fænøsund we have set the holes so that they will not interfere with other activities and vice versa will be as Disc golf player not bothered by our other activities


Kids playground

The little ones mean everything

In the world of a mother and a father, so we have to Fænøsund course entertainment for the children, this means that we have many both cozy and a bit wild activities for the little ones. This involves the following


Our trampoline measuring 3 x 2 meters and is commonly used by 1-2 kids (or adult) at a time

activity castle

Our activity castle has 2 towers at each different height, the two towers are connected by a wooden bridge where there is a rope on the sides that you can not fall out. Finally, it has a small roller coaster where according to age, may choose to seize one’s dear children.


The swing frame is made of wood and of course iron chains, here is space for two children, one in each hand

Jumping pad

Jumping pad is slightly larger than our trampoline and can typically hold between 5-10 children at a time, this can of course also be used by adults, but remember to take your shoes off before use




Should the weather in Denmark not bid to be outside, we have also made some indoor activities so there is always some entertainment to go to!

Billiard and pool

We have respectively 2 tables, one of which is a pool table and the other is a pool table. These tables are like most of our activities are also free to use for our guests – Naturally free


Another free activity Fænøsund conference, a normal standard size table tennis table, then there’s a fun game or a competition if it desires – Naturally free


A standard size foosball table where you can be 2-6 players – Of course free

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