• Thanks for a great event in beautiful surroundings. I certainly would not rule out we will place another similar event at you, but will certainly also spread “rumor” to the rest of the company.

    Have a nice day


    C. Andersen – Jyllinge
  • Great location. Park, forest, water, it is just to enjoy. Pool, mini golf, billiards mm. Beautiful house, clean and functional. High level of the restaurant and a great welcoming and smiling staff. Thank you very much. We will come again..

    Claus C. from Copenhagen
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    Billig ferie i danmark

    You can choose to stay in a hotel room, or have one of our luxurious hotel houses complete with kitchen, TV, internet and fireplace


    Conference in the middle

    Our meeting and conference center

    meets all the needs in relation to your meetings, courses and conferences. And we go to great lengths to meet all your wishes.


    We offer

    lots of bright and inviting rooms of very different sizes. In total we have 10 meeting and conference rooms from 16 to 200 people. Several of the rooms is also located close to each other, if you must share your conference into smaller groups, and of course it is also possible to use all of our conference center, which together can accommodate more than 700 people.


    All our conference rooms

    is equipped with modern and efficient AV equipment for any need. We can, among other things provide for computer, projector, speakers, whiteboard, flipchart, toolbox and free internet with either wireless or cable.


    Our technical department

    Ensures that everything is tested and ready when you come – and they are also on hand along the way, so you have a guarantee that everything works as it should during your meetings, courses and conferences. If you have special requests or requirements for AV equipment, we together with care to get it and have it tested and ready for the start of your event.


    The same service and flexibility

    of course also applies in relation to the decor of it or the premises in need. We want tables are, so that they best match the content and purpose of the meeting, course and conference, and we can both decorate rooms with cinema seating, horseshoes, herringbone or with cafe tables or other group formations. Let’s take a dialogue on the table layout that best matches your wishes.



    Our big center, most of the year a conference / hotel. In the summer, when there is holiday, we become one of the largest holiday resorts


    Contact us

    Our always smiling and knowledgeable staff is ready by phone or mail. We help you from A-Z

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    Our houses

    On Fænøsund you live not in a small room. Do you have a 75 m2 house available, complete with kitchen, TV and fireplace

    Our houses

    Conference and hotel with great location

    Location of our conference center

    In Middelfart also means that it is very suitable no matter where in the world you come from. We are located in the middle of Denmark. Therefore, the FænøSund Conference Center is the obvious choice if you or your company have an address in Germany or in England, and if you come from different parts of the world, it makes sense in every way to meet in the middle of Denmark.


    Easy access

    Our  conference center is also easy to reach. Regardless of whether you come from east or west, FænøSund is located less than ten minutes from the highway, and we offer more than 200 free parking spaces. If you arrive by train, there are only three kilometers from Middelfart Station.


    In the middle of Denmark

    We are located perfectly in the middle of the country, but our location also have very attractive  surroundings. FænøSund Conference Center is beautifully located near forest, zoo and water as the nearest neighbors. We live in the middle of the beautiful Hindsgavl Dyrehave, which invites you for walks and rides, and directly down to Fænøsund, where the water is great both for dipping and fishing – Fænøsund offers great opportunities for a fishing, kayaking and much more. Finally, the water and the forest are perfect if you are looking for an environment where you can combine professional content with time for relaxation and relaxation.

    I’d like to hear more!

    Our boat bridge

    FænøSund from above

    Middelfart dyrehave




    Your conference – your food

    At FænøSund Conference Center

    We know that a successful course or a successful conference will also depend on the meal. We take it seriously. Our kitchen will spoil your taste buds throughout your visit.


    Every morning

    We serve a delicious and versatile buffet that gives our guests a healthy and nutritious start to the day. We offer bread, rolls, lots of cold cuts, a wide selection of breakfast products, eggs, sausages, bacon and everything in coffee, tea, juice and milk. We also meet special wishes for gluten and shellfish allergists.


    Our tasty breakfast buffets

    Changes from day to day and always contain four main elements: Hot dishes, cold dishes, cheese and cake buffets, and bread with a varied selection of toppings. The concept in our lunch buffet is that all dishes are portion-oriented in smaller portions. It gives the advantages that you can taste several dishes and the dishes at the buffet are always fresh and have the right temperature.

    The buffet of the evening

    At FænøSund Conference Center the buffet consists of delicious fresh dishes made from the best ingredients. It is the seasons that set the direction for the buffet, but it always consists of: Hot dishes, big salad bar, cheese and dessert buffet.


    In addition to our three daily buffets, we always treat you and your participants with coffee, cake and other refreshments throughout the day.

    Yes, please – contact me! 🙂

    Indoor pool

    At FænøSund we have indoor heated pool and an outdoor pool that i temperature regulated by solar panels

    Indoor pool
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